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What’s Blooming in the La Plata Mountains

wildflower - Copyright Debbie Devereaux Photography

Lots of wildflowers blooming in the La Plata Mountains today. Marsh marigolds, Colorado columbine, Richardson’s geranium, lousewort, Parry’s primrose, globe flower, paintbrush and lovage. Marsh Marigold Rosy Paintbrush Globe Flower Richardson’s Geranium Colorado Columbine Rosy Paintbrush Colorado Columbine Marsh Marigold Marsh Marigold Rosy Paintbrush Marsh Marigold

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What’s Blooming in the High Country

Colorado wildflowers - Copyright Debbie Devereaux Photography

From mountain bluebells to purple fringe, lots of wildflowers blooming in the San Juan Mountains today. Marsh Marigold Daisy Paintbrush Colorado Columbine Bitter Cress Paintbrush Globeflower Marsh Marigold Paintbrush Colorado Columbine Paintbrush Paintbrush Purple Fringe Paintbrush Geranium Paintbrush Colorado Columbine Mountain Bluebells

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What’s Blooming at Blue Lakes

Blue Lakes Trail - Ridgeway, Colorado - Copyright Debbie Devereaux Photography

Snow, ice, waterfalls, rushing streams, and LOTS of wildflowers on the Blue Lakes trail yesterday. I photographed columbines, sunflowers, King’s crown, rosy & sulphur paintbrush, arnica, lupine, Jacob’s ladder, sneezeweed, wild rose, geranium, and mountain death camas. There are still several hillsides of wildflowers that have not bloomed yet. The next 2-3 weeks should be…

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What’s Blooming in Mancos

Colorado Columbine - Copyright Debbie Devereaux Photography

Photographed a variety of wildflowers on a hike up to Madden Peak yesterday. The Columbines are in full bloom and beyond spectacular this year! Also found green gentian, osha, Whipple’s penstemon, sneezeweed, wallflower, blue flax, King’s crown, arnica, and Richardson’s geranium. At the top of the mountain, found Hayden’s paintbrush and Old Man of the…

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What’s Blooming in Telluride

Telluride Colorado - image by Debbie Devereaux

A hike into Kilpacker Basin today yields lots of pretty wildflowers including massive amounts of GIANT Colorado columbines. The wildflowers are on steroids this year. Colorado Columbine Colorado Columbine Northern Bedstraw Lousewort Colorado Columbine Rosy Paintbrush Anemone Colorado Columbine Colorado Columbine Jacob’s ladder Jacob’s Ladder Wild Onion Marsh Marigold Colorado Columbine Marsh Marigold Colorado Columbine…

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What’s Blooming in Southwest Colorado

Lizard head trail, Telluride, Colorado ge by Debbie Devereaux Photography

The wildflowers are blooming in the high country. This week on the trails (Bear Creek + Wilson Meadows), I’ve seen lots of columbine, harebell, Richardson’s geranium, bellflower, arnica, paintbrush, marsh marigold, aster and wild rose. Marsh Marigold Purple Bellflower Colorado Columbine Rosy Paintbrush Jacob’s Ladder Richardson’s Geranium Wyoming Paintbrush Marsh Marigold Red Columbine Red Columbine…

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What’s Blooming in Crested Butte

Crested Butte wildflowers.

The wildflowers could not have been more stunning for the annual Crested Butte Wildflower Festival. From entire mountainsides covered in thick carpets of mule’s ear to fields of blue lupine & scarlet gilia, we were running out of adjectives to describe the jaw-dropping displays of colorful blooms! Lupine Shooting Star Mule’s Ear Red Columbine Columbine…

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What’s Blooming in Rico

The wildflowers are blooming just about everywhere. I photographed these pretties on the Priest Gulch trail yesterday. So much variety and it’s just going to keep getting better! We are still weeks away from the peak bloom in the mountains. Pictured: Gilia, wild iris, mountain gentian, prairie smoke, jacob’s ladder, Richard’s geranium, red columbine, sunflower,…

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What’s Blooming in Dunton

Telluride, Colorado

Found these wildflowers on a hike (Kilpacker trail) above 10,000 feet outside of Telluride, Colorado. It’s July 2nd and the wildflowers are just starting to pop up. Two miles in, had to turn around due to high water and lots of snow hiding the trail.  A raft and snowshoes would have been helpful today. Blooming…

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